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Best Beer Chiller Sticks Gift Set – Pack of 2

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Yvento Beer Chiller Sticks Pack of 2 - Beautiful Packaging

Why This Is A Great Gift Idea For Beer Drinkers?

As soon as the beer is out of the fridge, it starts to warm up. Who likes beer, loves it cold! No matter if it’s summer or Christmas. It must be cold. These little sticks have a non-toxic gel inside that, once frozen, keeps the low temperature for long time.

That’s why this in-bottle beer chiller is such a great idea. It keeps the beer cold till the last drop, from the inside!

When the stick is in the bottle, you do not worry about the beer temperature. Maybe you like to drink meanwhile you cook, or you open your beer and suddenly somebody knocks the door, or maybe you like to chat and drink slowly. Whatever is the case, with the Chiller Stick inside the bottle, the beer is cold and wonderful.

And, well, who drinks only one beer? The Yvento Beer Chiller Sticks come in a convenient pack of 2. A second stick is already frozen ready for the next bottle. Or a friend has come home? Let’s open a couple of beers, and put inside the two frozen sticks.


This Time: The Unusual Gift

Tired of offering the boring tie? The Beer Chiller Stick is a novelty, the unusual gift that’ll make a memorable celebration this time.

If you think you’ve run out of ideas for gifts, it is not the case! This is the perfect gift for a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, a co-worker, for a birthday, Christmas… any social occasion!

Be the first to offer such a fun beer present! You’ll love to see the face of wonder of your friend when he or she will discover what it is…

And of course, it is also a great drinking accessory in your home bar or kitchen :-)


Yvento Beer Chiller Stick Pack of 2 Stainless Steel Beer Product

Let’s See How It Works

Let’s see why this is a brilliant invention. The Stick is a stainless steel bar that contains a non-toxic gel (fully sealed) that once is frozen, keeps the low temperature for long long time. Once the stick is surrounded by the beer, the liquid will remain cold long long time. Let’s say, while you drink it.

The top of the rod has a rubber that seals the bottle opening. Some big holes in the rod let the beer go out easily when you tilt the bottle to drink.

Finally, the top of the rod is rounded and soft, in case you want to drink directly from the bottle, without a glass.

Because the Sticks are made of stainless steel:

  • they are easy to clean, just rinse them under the tap and put them inside the freezer for next time
  • and lifetime durable!


You Get More…

  • In addition to cooling your favorite beer, the Sticks can be used to cold other drinks, as soft drinks that have the same type of bottle opening than the beer bottles.


  • In order to get the best of your brand new Beer Chiller Sticks, when you buy on Amazon, Yvento will send you a report of “5 Tips You Should Know To Drink Beer As An Expert“: a 18-pages document to instruct you on which are the best tips to drink beer the right way. You get it for FREE! just to be a loyal Customer :-)


Yvento Beer Cooler Stick Pouring In The Glass

Your Friends Will Love The Next Beer Party With This Cooler Sticks Gift Set!

Nobody likes warm beer, however, in a party, we talk, we dance, we cook… and sometimes the beer bottle is left in a corner meanwhile we do other tasks. With the Yvento Sticks, every drop is still cold. These brilliant inventions contribute to the perfect party.

It is the perfect gift to enjoy beer.

These Beer Chiller Sticks are quite unknown yet and they will surprise your partner and your friends. This is a gift set that they do not expect, hurry up, be the first to offer it!

Make a lifetime purchase today, our Beer Chiller Sticks are completely reusable, they will not loose their chilling power whatsoever.

Yvento Beer Chiller Sticks are exclusively sold on Amazon. We want to offer to our customers the most reliable purchase experience. Easy process, fast delivery, eligible for Free Super Saving Shipping and safe refund. We care of our customers and want to give them total satisfaction.

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Product Details

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Brand: Yvento

At A Glance

  • Stainless Steel Sticks that chills your favorite beer while you drink it
  • Pack of 2, always one ready for the next beer – or the next friend at home
  • Fun and Fresh for the beer party!
  • Our Cooler Sticks can also be used to cold soft drinks with the same opening that a beer bottle
  • This brilliant invention is a very original gift set that will surprise your friends and relatives

Beer Chiller Sticks Customer Reviews

5 Beer Chiller Stick that WORKS! By Owner Of Thinking Differently. I’ve tried the sticks and work very well. They maintain the beer cold meanwhile I drink it. What I love! They come in a very nice packaging, I’m buying more for my friends, they’ll love them too, I am sure. Definitely a must-have for anyone who loves to drink beer. Recommended.

5 Great surprise By Ben and Naomi These sticks are wonderful for a celebration. I bought them as a gift for a friend and he loves them. He did not even know they existed!! :-) It was a happy surprise. I’ll buy more for Christmas for friends and family for sure.

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