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Yvento Wine Stoppers And Wine Preserver On AmazonWine Stoppers & Wine Preserver – The Secret To Enjoying Every Drop Of Your Expensive Wine

2 Wine Stoppers and a Wine Saver Pump to Seal and Preserve Your Best Wine After Opening – Elegant In Silver and Black – For All Bottles

by Yvento

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Do Not Let Your Wine Turn Into Vinegar – Use A Wine Preserver

In many occasions, we drink wine with the dinner, we open several bottles but we do not finish one of them completely. We put the cork strongly, hoping that tomorrow or in a couple of days the wonderful wine will taste as the first glass.

Unfortunately, this is not true. To re-cork does not prevent the wine from oxidizing. Even if we put it in the fridge, the wine has lost its flavor.

Are you familiar with what is a Wine Preserver? This small but very efficient device allows to store in good condition the wine that is left. It is a wine saver!


Take Care Of Your Wine Like A Professional: Conveniently Seal It With The Wine Saver Pump

Yvento Wine Stoppers - Click for More ImagesYou really need a wine saver, here is where an effective wine preserver comes into play. This device removes the oxygen inside the bottle preserving the remaining wine. After this operation, the wine can last for more than a week. It is the vacuum (and the stopper) what ensures that you can enjoy the flavors next time. The only action that preserves the wine for a longer time is removing the oxygen inside the bottle.

The wine saver has a rubber gasket at the open end that fits in the neck of the bottle; once in position, it is enough to use the pump several times to remove the oxygen, creating a vacuum that preserves the wine.

  • The wine saver is very easy to use. It has no sharp edges, it is soft and easy to manipulate.
  • It is small, light and can be carried in a picnic bag.
  • It includes two reusable stoppers with indicators of the sealed date.
  • The stoppers are made of robust, high quality plastic that look very elegant on the table (not as the rubber ones).
  • The Yvento pump fits in every bottle and preserves all still wines, red and white.

The Wine Saver set is a great gift for everyone who enjoys drinking wine and wants to take the most of it!

Yvento Wine Stopper - Click for More Images

The Wine Stoppers Will Remind You The Sealed Date And Are Elegant!

The stopper is an important wine accessory not only for storing but also when serving the wine. If the stopper is made of rubber, looks inelegant and quite ugly especially on the table, but the two stoppers that come with this wine saver are done in hard good quality plastic and have a refined look on the table.

  • The specially patented stoppers have an indicator that helps to remind the sealed date.
  • Yvento Stoppers have a button at the top to release the vacuum. When you pull up the button you will hear the swishing sound to confirm the wine was properly sealed.


Efficient Investment: Get More Glasses From The Same Bottle

One evening you are alone and you´d like to drink some wine, maybe you think you should not open a bottle only for you, but if you have a wine saver, you can with no worries!. Or if you are a single, you are probably not going to drink all the wine at once. A wine saver is a very useful tool in the drawer of any kitchen.

If you have a bar or a restaurant and usually sell wine by the glass, the wine saver will get you more glasses of your investment.
Yvento Wine Stopper - Click for More Images

Why Our Customers Buy The Yvento Wine Preserver

  • It works exactly as expected. As simple as that.
  • For the price of this wine saver, you get two nice stoppers.
  • The black and silver combination is good-looking, this set is commonly offered as a gift.
  • The stoppers are elegant (not as the rubber ones) and can perfectly be shown on the table.
  • The stoppers have an indicator for reminding the sealed date.
  • Each stopper is totally reusable and can be operated as many times as you want.
  • Yvento Wine Saver is exclusively sold on Amazon. Yvento offers to its customers the most reliable purchase experience. Easy process, fast delivery, eligible for free super saving shipping and safe refund. We care of our customers and their complete satisfaction.

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Product Details

  • Color: Silver and Black
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces.
  • Brand: Yvento

At A Glance

  • Wine preserver pump that removes the oxygen in touch with the wine to preserve it longer.
  • Includes two reusable stoppers with indicators of the sealed date.
  • Fits in all bottles of wine and preserves still wines, red and white.
  • Ideal for a family, a bar or a restaurant, you get more glasses of your wine investment.
  • Elegant silver and black finishing, also the stoppers. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drinking wine.

Wine Preserver Customer Reviews


5 Portable, Lightweight, Simple, It Just “Works,” and Cheaper than Losing a Half a Bottle of Good Wine 
By ShipMate
This product includes one wine preserver and two stoppers. I’m glad it has TWO stoppers (rather than just o, for those times when I might have TWO different bottles of wine left over to be enjoyed for another day. It’s also portable and manual (not electric or battery powered) so you could take this on a picnic or camping trip and use it easily.

My initial concern about wine vacuum pumps was that they might not actually TAKE a vacuum … well, this one actually does take a vacuum inside the bottle.

The process of using this vacuum pump is straightforward and simple. Just insert the stopper into the top of an opened bottle of wine. Hold the vacuum pump securely onto the top of the stopper, and pull the handle of the vacuum pump UP to pull out air from the wine bottle. Depress the vacuum pump handle DOWN, and then UP again to remove more air.

When you have removed as much (wine spoiling!) air as you can, simply remove the wine preserver from the top of the stopper, which is now “vacuum sealed” onto the top of the wine bottle.

The wine preserver pump is of relatively small volume, so you’ll want to pump the handle several times to pull out all the air. When I tried this, I was surprised at how much air I could actually pull OUT.

The wine preserver is made of lightweight plastic, adequate for the job at hand, but don’t leave this on your kitchen chair and sit on it, it will probably break.

When you’re ready to drink the remaining wine, simply pull up the small silver valve on the top of the stopper, which easily releases the vacuum, and then pull the stopper out. You can use the stoppers and the wine saver pump over and again, of course.

5 Preserves open bottles of wine
By Just a Mom
I’ve been using it for awhile and in addition to being convenient and easy to use, it removes the oxygen in contact with the wine, so that each glass of wine is as delicious as the first. No more spoiled wine. It’s nice that the product comes with two stoppers. I highly recommend this wine preserver.

5 A MUST HAVE if you drink wine at home!
Brilliantly useful! It works perfectly well and is well priced. I’m from a family that enjoys drinking wine with dinner, therefore it’s important to have stoppers that work. I’ve tried it with red and white wines and it works perfectly with both types.I’m sure my father-in-law will be happy to receive one for Fathers Day! Simple and elegant, I totally recommend it!

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